The Boudoir Industry Event of the Year is Back! Saturday, Friday, February 25-27, 2022

Join us! This is the second ever boudoir specific conference to business focused photographers trying to make a change in the industry. This conference will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Mandalay Bay Hotel.


Top Speakers

Including Jenn Bruno Smith, Humberto Garcia, Danielle Tirserio, Sivan Rettew, and more!


Top Location

Taking place in sunny Las Vegas the weekend before WPPI. Plan on being in Mandalay Bay by 9am and finishing around 6pm.


Vegas Party

Boudoir Photographers talking business and partying... hopefully not at the same time. 

Featured Speakers:

How to Book Out a Year in Advance

Jenn Bruno Smith

Having trouble finding clients? Not sure what you are doing wrong? The biggest problem photographers have is finding and booking clients. Jenn will dig into the reasons why are you aren't booking and what to do to fix it.

How to Build a Photography Lead Funnel that Brings in 5+ Inquiries a Day

Humberto Garcia

As the leader of the most powerful photography studio marketing agency, Humberto is going to be walking you through his entire marketing process from start to finish. How to bring in new leads, nurture them, and finally book them at the highest rates possible.

From 9-5 to Thrive: Practical Strategies to Leap from Full-Time Gig to Full-Time Photographer

Danielle Tirserio

Danielle will walk you through her journey from shooting out of the master bedroom of her townhouse to her current 2,500 square foot studio. You'll learn the practical strategies to move closer toward working independently and building a business that reflects your goals both financially and personally. You'll learn how to leverage your current work situation to make the transition to your dream of photography self-employment, and how to carve out the time for your passion in an already hectic work week. Lastly, how to make the calculated risk and jump before you feel ready!

Creating Your Signature Style

Rick Wright

Rick Wright is the Owner and Lead Photographer of Iris Boudoir, the premiere luxury Boudoir studio in Milwaukee’s vibrant Historic Third Ward neighborhood. Keys to his success include, helping clients feel comfortable in front of the lens and being able to show stunning images on the back of his camera during the shoot to build confidence and excitement. Connection and trust helps him capture clients’ personalities, allowing him to create images of them at their best; empowered, confident and sexy! Rick’s goal with each client is always the same - to exceed expectations every time by providing an experience that impacts how they see and feel about themselves! 

His specialities include: advanced lighting techniques, composition and posing. Rick’s goal is to help you develop a stronger skillset so you can create stunning images that your clients want to buy.

Don’t Get Cash-Blocked

Cyndee Wanyonyi

Cyndee will help you learn how to get out of your own way when it comes to making money. Even though she’s been in business since 2007, she was cash-blocked until 2018, when she decided that she was ready to receive the abundance that was intended for her. She will walk you through the steps to overcome some of the biggest obstacles creatives place in front of themselves when it comes to making money. Join us to learn how to get out of your own head and into your pocket.

The Thing That’s Missing From Your Work: Recognizing Emotion In Photography

Denise Birdsong

Denise Birdsong is an award-winning wedding, portrait and boudoir photographer from the San Francisco Bay Area. Through her experiences as a dancer and model, Denise mastered the fine art of communication and storytelling through body language and facial expression. Emotion is what makes portrait photography truly standout, and it’s usually the missing component for most photographers. Denise is passionate about teaching her master photography students her signature methodology that takes them to the next level of their craft. 

Ditch Shoot & Burn

Shawn Black

Shawn Black is an award-winning internationally published boudoir photographer based in Boston, MA. Shawn established Couture Black, his boudoir brand, in 2013.

Every day since, he has pushed himself to develop his signature style and create unique, captivating images for his clients. What began as a service that was mostly for his own wedding photography clients at that time, quickly became a mission.

It became more than just creating pretty pictures for clients and focused on body positivity and female empowerment, helping all women see themselves as beautiful and confident. Hence the tagline #BeBoldBeSexyBeYou! Out of this new philosophy grew the Couture Black Body Confidence Campaign, where Black has donated his time and talent to help change the narrative on what modern society defines as beautiful, one woman at a time.

Who is it for?

Boudoir Photographers

So you're a boudoir photographer? Perfect, so are the majority of our speakers and students!

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Portrait Photographers

Still shooting portraits? That's awesome! Most of what we cover applies to portrait photography. By the end of the weekend you'll likely want to include boudoir in your business.

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Wedding Photographers

If you can add bridal boudoir to your packages, it's a great way to be able to increase your profit margins from every wedding you shoot. It's also a great stand-alone offer that can bring in as much as most 8-hour weddings – if not more!

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We're rockin' this at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

This year, portrait studios are growing faster than ever. We're going to coach this year's photographers on how to book clients and increase their average sales. 

Last year saw the biggest shake up in the photography industry. This year, we're seeing studios grow faster than ever. When you attend you'll walk away with new connections, new friends, and proven strategies to book more clients and grow your studio.

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