The Boudoir Industry Event of the Year is Back! Saturday, Friday, February 25-27, 2022

Join us! This is the second ever boudoir specific conference to business focused photographers trying to make a change in the industry. This conference will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Mandalay Bay Hotel.


Top Speakers

Including Jenn Bruno Smith, Humberto Garcia, Danielle Tirserio, Sivan Rettew, and more!


Top Location

Taking place in sunny Las Vegas the weekend before WPPI. Plan on being in Mandalay Bay by 9am and finishing around 6pm.


Vegas Party

Boudoir Photographers talking business and partying... hopefully not at the same time. 

How to Book Out a Year in Advance

Jenn Bruno Smith

Having trouble finding clients? Not sure what you are doing wrong? The biggest problem photographers have is finding and booking clients. Jenn will dig into the reasons why are you aren't booking and what to do to fix it.

How to Build a Photography Lead Funnel that Brings in 5+ Inquiries a Day

Humberto Garcia

As the leader of the most powerful photography studio marketing agency, Humberto is going to be walking you through his entire marketing process from start to finish. How to bring in new leads, nurture them, and finally book them at the highest rates possible.

Michael Sasser's Class

Michael Sasser

Michael is a professional Boudoir Photographer and educator in Los Angeles where he moved for the endless sunshine and waves. He’s been featured on Buzzfeed, Podcasts like Bokeh, This Week in Photo, Beginner Photography, The Business of Photography and more. His YouTube Channel has received over 10 million views helping boudoir photographers succeed and through his education, many photographers have been able to quit their jobs and live their dream of being full time boudoir photographers. He feels like a goof writing in the third person and is so excited to meet all of you!

How to Nail a Dark & Moody Boudoir Style and Create Beautiful Compelling Images Your Clients Will Fall in Love With.

Marco Ibanez

Marco is an artist focused on intimate lifestyle photography based in MD. Learn how his love for 17th century master painters heavily influences his style, which combines high contrast, drama & sensuality. This combination allows Marco to deliver emotionally charged images that impact in a positive way the life of his clients and the people around them.

Make Money Now! Same-day Sales for the Boudoir or Portrait Photographer.

Liz Hansen

Here’s how same-day sales works: your client shows up, has their hair and makeup done, you shoot their portraits and then they get to see and purchase their photos immediately afterward. In just 4 hours from start to finish, you can close a huge sale and have the client raving about their experience. Most photographers don’t know how to execute a same-day shoot and sale, but I’ve generated more than 2 million dollars in sales at my studio with this same-day sales method and I’m going to show you exactly how to do it! 

Who is it for?

Boudoir Photographers

So you're a boudoir photographer? Perfect, so are the majority of our speakers and students!

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Portrait Photographers

Still shooting portraits? That's awesome! Most of what we cover applies to portrait photography. By the end of the weekend you'll likely want to include boudoir in your business.

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Wedding Photographers

If you can add bridal boudoir to your packages, it's a great way to be able to increase your profit margins from every wedding you shoot. It's also a great stand-alone offer that can bring in as much as most 8-hour weddings – if not more!

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We're rockin' this at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

This year, portrait studios are growing faster than ever. We're going to coach this year's photographers on how to book clients and increase their average sales. 

Last year saw the biggest shake up in the photography industry. This year, we're seeing studios grow faster than ever. When you attend you'll walk away with new connections, new friends, and proven strategies to book more clients and grow your studio.

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